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Blog Posts in February, 2018

  • Attorney Adam VanHo Featured On MyCase's Blog

    Attorney Adam VanHo was recently featured on's blog in an attorney profile . Take a look!
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  • Motions to Dismiss In Criminal Cases

    I often get clients and clients' family/girlfriends/boyfriends telling me "you need to file a Motion to Dismiss." Usually this is after someone in a jail or on the street told them their attorney isn't doing their job because the case is not dismissed -- and telling me that I need to file the motion immediately. As a general rule in Ohio, there is no such thing as a Motion to Dismiss. There are ...
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  • More Excellent Results In Court (Civil Version)

    A lot of times, I get people asking me "you only do criminal work, right?" The answer is no. VanHo Law also does a good deal of civil work, and has returned some excellent verdicts for our clients. The work week is only a day old, and before noon, we already achieved two excellent results for our clients. In the first case, a client of our firm's had been sued by her prior attorney for attorney's ...
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  • Success In Court In OVI Case Involving Client With Professional License

    This week, we had a successful result for an out-of-state client with a professional background. She had been charged with an OVI where the officers had not observed her operating the vehicle. After going through the fact patterns and comparing the videos, Attorney VanHo was able to convince a 'law and order' prosecutor to severely reduce the charge. As a result of the plea, instead of facing ...
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  • Reminder: On President's Day, Courts, Governmental Agencies and Some Businesses Closed

    A friendly reminder that courts, government agencies and some businesses are closed today for the President's Day holiday! If you're looking for some fun Presidential trivia, click here , here or here .
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  • Why You Need To Have The Right Attorney Right Away

    I can't count the number of cases where I get calls from parents/spouses/significant-others who ask me to take on a case later into the game -- some as soon as a few days before a trial. In some of these cases, I can help. I have had a lot of success defending people Other times, I simply can not help the person. This can be for a wide variety of reasons, ranging from scheduling to not having ...
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  • Judicial Release and Tax Refund Season

    I have had a lot of people calling to ask me about Judicial Release in the past few weeks. After discussing the initial facts of the case, including if their loved one is eligible to file for judicial release , we usually discuss finances. I have had a lot of people ask if they can use their tax refunds to pay for the judicial release. The answer is yes. As I tell people, the process of filing for ...
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  • Have You Ever Wondered About Proposed Laws?

    Have you ever read about proposed laws and later wondered "I wonder what happened to the bill about XXXXX?" The Ohio General Assembly has a website that allows you to search for pending and approved legislation -- from bills that have been introduced to bills that have been signed into law. The website can be found here . So if you're wondering "what ever happened to that gun/nursing/criminal bill ...
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  • Searching for an Inmate in Ohio? Searching for an Inmate in the Federal System?

    I often have people ask "can you tell me if XXX is in prison?" It may sound like a simple question, but many people do not know how to find out if their loved one is in prison or jail. I also often get calls from victims of crime wanting to know if the person who attacked/victimized them is still in prison. While each jail is different, and only a few local jails have online inmate registries, we ...
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  • Sealing and Expungement in Ohio and How Even Dismissed Charges Can Haunt You

    Did you know that Ohio law allows people convicted of certain offenses to be expunged or sealed? Unlike some other states, Ohio allows people convicted of certain felonies and misdemeanors to expunge their criminal conviction. The statute is laid out here . The statute also allows people who were charged -- but not convicted -- the ability to seal those arrests and charges. While you may think ...
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  • My Rant: Pro Bono vs. Free Services

    On an almost daily basis, I get at least one phone call from someone asking if we do " pro bono " law and if we will take their case pro bono. The answer is yes and no. Our firm does a good amount of pro bono legal work -- usually at the request of certain non-profits, agencies or public officials. In these cases, our firm has an established relationship with the person or organization making the ...
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  • Friendly Reminder: Law Enforcement Will Be Out In Full Force for the SuperBowl

    A friendly reminder: law enforcement will be out in full force tonight looking for drunk drivers during and after the Super Bowl . As such, before you head out to cheer on the Patriots or Eagles , remember to have a plan of attack for how you will get home. As always, if you or a loved one has an issue tonight, please do not hesitate to contact our firm at 330-653-8511.
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  • Changes to Ohio Judcial Release Statute - What Even Some Judges and Attorneys Don't Know (Yet)

    A recent change to Ohio's Judicial Release Statute has gone unnoticed by many judges and attorneys. Under the new changes to Ohio law, offenders who are now sentenced to under two years of incarceration at the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction can now file for judicial release once they arrive in the prison system. Prior to the changes, offenders had to serve at least thirty (30) ...
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