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Success In Court In OVI Case Involving Client With Professional License

Success In Court In OVI Case Involving Client With Professional License

This week, we had a successful result for an out-of-state client with a professional background.

She had been charged with an OVI where the officers had not observed her operating the vehicle.  After going through the fact patterns and comparing the videos, Attorney VanHo was able to convince a 'law and order' prosecutor to severely reduce the charge. 

As a result of the plea, instead of facing mandatory jail, a large fine, potential substance abuse screens and other nasty ramifications, she was given a fine and court costs.  

Had she been convicted of the OVI, she risked getting a one-year license suspension in her home state. 

Had the client been from Ohio, she would have been eligible for driving privileges -- but those privileges are only good in Ohio. 

Even if an Ohio court grants privileges, those privileges end at the state border.  If an Ohio driver is caught driving outside of Ohio, they can be charged with driving without a valid license or driving with a suspended license.  As each state is different, the potential penalties for those changes can range from fines to jail time to an additional suspension of the offender's driver's license.  

In some courts, if the judge or court staff find out about a driving offense in another state while driving with driving privileges, they will revoke the person's driving privileges.  This means that the person may be facing years without driving privileges to get to work, school, church or medical appointments. 

Because Ohio courts cannot issue driving privileges, this would have had a huge impact on her ability to travel for work and family reasons -- for an entire year

While she could have petitioned her home state for privileges, it would have cost additional funds and risked another judge denying or severely-restricting those privileges.  This could have cost her job and potentially impacted child custody issues.  In some states, it would have also causes issues with her professional licenses(s).

However, as a result of hard work, research and preparation, our client will return to her family and job without the potential ramifications of an Ohio OVI conviction. 

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