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Blog Posts in July, 2018

  • Miranda Rights: The Most Misunderstood Item In Law

    I often have people tell me: "they have to throw out my case!" When I ask why, the answer is often similar: "the officers didn't read me my rights." Contrary to popular believe, police officers do not have to automatically read you your Miranda rights when they talk to you. Miranda only kicks in when police are conducting a custodial interrogation . Even then, some questions are still permissible ...
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  • Helping Set Up A Business

    This week, I was able to help establish yet another Summit County business. It was rewarding to help the company, which is a family owned business, set up their LLC and put together their corporate paperwork. While the company had been working, the owners lacked certain protections available to corporations or LLCs . The biggest advantage: if something happened, such as a car accident or getting ...
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  • OVI / DUI: To Blow or Not to Blow

    At parties and social events, people who know that I handle OVI / DUI cases often ask the question "do I submit to a breathalyzer?" Often times, after an arrest, I get asked "should I have submitted to a breathalyzer?" The answer is always the same: "it's complicated, and depends on the facts and circumstances." Contrary to what some attorneys say, there is no black-or-white answer to the question ...
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    We're excited to be working with our team at Scorpion to redesign our website! Our goal in this redesign will be to highlight many of the areas of law that people often forget we practice, including our expanding Entrepreneur Law practice. We are excited to offer a wide variety of practice areas to small and establishing businesses, including helping with setting up the business, dealing with ...
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  • Judicial Release for Labor Day

    I often get asked "I need to get a judicial release for my son/boyfriend/daughter/wife/husband as soon as possible." Some people think judicial release is an instantaneous process. It's not. It takes time. Depending on the county, judge and the case, judicial release can take anywhere from four to eight weeks to a few months. In some cases, it can take even longer. As such, I have been telling ...
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  • Fourth of July Reminder!

    A friendly reminder that law enforcement will be out in full-force over the Fourth of July week/weekend. Because the Fourth falls on a Wednesday, many people will be taking off Thursday and Friday, creating a five day weekend. Law enforcement has already stepped up OVI/DUI patrols, as well as been looking for fireworks-related offenses. Please remember that if you plan to go out and celebrate this ...
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  • Fireworks for the Fourth? Make sure you know the law first!

    A lot of people like to buy fireworks for the Fourth of July. Right down the street from our office is one of the biggest fireworks companies in northeast Ohio: American Fireworks . However, before you buy and start setting off fireworks, you should make sure what you are setting off is in compliance with Ohio law. Not all fireworks bought in Ohio are actually legal to set off in Ohio. While Ohio ...
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  • The Ohio State Highway Patrol Is Active In Summit County - And DUIs/OVIs Are On The Rise

    Lawyers, prosecutors and court officials around Summit County are noticing a severe uptick in the number of DUI / OVI arrests in the county. This is primary due to the fact that the Ohio State Highway Patrol has a new highway patrol post in Akron . As a result of the Highway Patrol's presence, court officials have noticed an uptick in the number of drunk driving-related arrests. These arrests have ...
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  • Successes Mount Up at the Half-Year Point

    July 1st represents the halfway point in the year. It also gives us an opportunity to look backwards at our accomplishments, and look forward to our goals. In the first six months of this year, we have been able to obtain outright dismissals for several of our clients, including one client who faced a potential sentence of eighteen years for a crime for which he maintained his innocence. In ...
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