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Judicial Release In Time For Summer

I have been getting a lot of telephone calls inquiring about judicial release -- and specifically the question: "can he/she be out in time for summer?"

The answer is yes and no. 

In order for a successful judicial release motion to be granted, it takes time. 

While we can 'rush' a judicial release motion into being filed, the legal system still takes time to work.  Once a motion is filed, it will go through (1) an initial judicial review, including retrieving the offender's institutional record; (2) being scheduled for a Phase One hearing (if granted); and then being scheduled for a Phase Two judicial release hearing (if granted).

Given the above, it can take anywhere from 4-12 weeks for a successful judicial release motion to be processed.  While these timeframes are generalities, and actual results can take longer, it emphasizes why Judicial Release motions need to be filed as soon as possible.  

If you or a loved one is interested in filing a Motion for Judicial Release, please feel free to contact VanHo Law at 330-653-8511 or contact us here


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