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  • Reminder: On President's Day, Courts, Governmental Agencies and Some Businesses Closed

    A friendly reminder that courts, government agencies and some businesses are closed today for the President's Day holiday! If you're looking for some fun Presidential trivia, click here , here or here .
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  • Thanksgiving Week Brings Stepped-Up DUI/OVI Enforcement

    THANKSGIVING WEEK IS HERE! Along with all of the turkey, stuffing, cranberries, friends and family, Thanksgiving week brings a lot of alcohol. Wine, beer and various spirits will be consumed this week, with the highest amounts of drinking coming on Thursday -- but also a high level of drinking comes on Wednesday and Friday, when people are out meeting friends and family. If you do drink this week, ...
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  • We've Grown and Moved (Again) ... about 50 feet.

    For those of you who remember, we had to move in December when a fire chased us out of our office in downtown Akron. As a result, we moved to historic downtown Hudson . Why Hudson? It was convenient to both our clients in Cleveland ( Cuyahoga ) and Akron ( Summit ) counties. Hudson also is linked to several freeways which make it able for us to easily serve clients in other counties in northeast ...
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  • Attorney Adam VanHo on WKYC Discussing Speed Cameras

    Attorney Adam VanHo was on Channel 3 (WKYC NBC-Cleveland) last night discussing the use of speed/traffic enforcement cameras in East Cleveland. As discusses in the article, under the current Ohio law, speed and traffic cameras are required to be manned by police officers; however, East Cleveland officials, who filed a brief with the Ohio Supreme Court stating their city's dependence on traffic ...
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  • America's Best Sandwich Shops (Including Cleveland's Own Slyman's!).

    Recently, Thrillist.com listed the Top 33 Sandwich Shops in America. Not surprisingly, Cleveland's favorite sandwich shop, Slyman's , made the list. Congrats to Slyman's ! If you'd like to check out the complete list, or if you're planning an out-of-town trip and are looking for good food, you can click here to see the complete list.
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  • BIG Changes Coming Soon!

    As you will notice in the upcoming weeks, Attorney Adam VanHo has formed his own law office. In the upcoming weeks, this website will be transformed (by our wonderful friends at Scorpion ) to VanHoLaw.com. We will continue to offer insight and analysis into the law, as well as provide you with information about the new VanHo Law! If you're looking for Attorney VanHo, his new office is in historic ...
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  • Attorney Adam VanHo on WKYC-3 (NBC / Cleveland)

    Attorney Adam VanHo appeared on WKYC (NBC-Cleveland) to discuss the spending of public funds on questionable purchases by local police and prosecutors. You can check out the article here on Channel 3's website .
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  • The Side Effects Of A Felony And How To Potentially Avoid A Felony Conviction

    I often have people come to me after their first arrest and ask "how can I keep this felony off my record?" In addition to potential prison sentences, probation, court costs and fees, a conviction for a felony can also have other consequences on your life: A felony conviction can cost you your current job, or prevent you from gaining employment in future in certain fields. Additionally, even if ...
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  • Happy St. Patrick's Day!

    Happy St. Patrick's Day! Today is St. Patrick's Day -- the day in which many Americans of Irish-American heritage celebrate their Irishness (and the day many non-Irish-Americans celebrate pretending to be Irish). For many native Clevelanders, today will involve a trip to Slyman's for corned beaf, attending Cleveland's world famous St. Patrick's Day Parade , a pint (or three) of Guinness, dressing ...
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  • America's Herion Epidemic; What To Do If Your Child Is Arrested

    Yet another report has come out which demonstrates America's heroin epidemic is contining to spiral out of control. As reported in Time Magazine , heroin-related deaths have quadrupled in the past three years. Per the article, deaths related to heroin now account for 2.7 deaths per every 100,000 people. The report also indicates that men are dying at a far greater rate than women. I often have ...
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  • Remember to Vote Today!

    Remember: Today is Election Day! In order for democracy to work, we must participate and vote in our elections. Below are some links to help you decide who you should be casting your ballot for on this Election Day. Remember that polls in Ohio will be open from 6:30AM until 7:30PM. Akron Area League of Women Voters 2014 Voter's Guide Akron Bar Association Judicial Candidate Reviews Akron Beacon ...
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  • Why Judges Matter and Why You Need to Vote

    I often have people tell me how they don't vote for judges -- or that they play the name game, voting for whichever "Mc" or "O'" appears on the ballot. When I ask them why they don't research who they are voting for, the most common answer I hear is 'I'm not a lawyer, so why do I care?' This is absolutely the wrong attitude to take. Often times, judges impact our lives in ways that we never ...
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  • Home for the Holidays? The Basics on Judicial Release.

    With the holidays quickly approaching, I have started to receive a lot of phone calls asking about how to apply for judicial release. Judicial release, or early release, is the process by which convicted felons can be released from prison before serving their entire sentence. Usually, the person is placed on some form of probation or other monitoring under the supervision of the court that sent ...
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  • Listen to Attorney Adam VanHo on WAKR Tonight During the Cavs Game!

    You can hear Attorney Adam VanHo during the commercial breaks on WAKR 1590-AM. Please remember that if you are out celebrating what will be an awesome season for the Cavs, find a designated driver or call a cab. Police will be out in full force tonight and will be looking for drunk drivers.
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  • Early Voting Is In Full Swing! Learn About The Issues And Candidates!

    EARLY VOTING HAS BEGUN! In order for democracy to work, we must participate and vote in our elections. Below are some links to help you decide who you should be casting your ballot for on Election Day. Remember that polls in Ohio will be open from 6:30AM until 7:30PM on Election Day, but that you can already vote through early voting. Akron Area League of Women Voters 2014 Voter's Guide Akron Bar ...
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