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When it comes to your current, or prospective business, it is important to keep an attorney on retainer due to the many legal hurdles that are typically associated with businesses. At VanHo Law, our Ohio business law attorney will fight to protect everything you have worked for and compassionately guide you through every facet of your legal troubles.

What is Business Law?

Business law typically encompasses not only the business in question, but typically intersects with other fields of law. Business law ranges from the formation to the running of a business, business formation being one of the most common needs for legal advice. A business attorney must be familiar with their state’s standards for opening a business and what is required as far as documentation.

Business law commonly also interacts with other forms of law, including:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Contracts
  • Taxes

Anti-Trust and Deceptive Trade Practices in Ohio

Additionally, in States like Ohio, businesses have to consider the legality of their employment guidelines and the state regulations imposed on sales. In Ohio there are also laws that cover Antitrust and Deceptive Trade practices.

Antitrust laws entail the legality of forming trusts in Ohio, a trust is when a large corporation owns a majority of any given market share. In most of the country this is an illegal practice because it discourages a competitive market. When a corporation holds the majority of a specific market they are able to set their own prices, typically increasing those prices to increase profits.

Deceptive Trades is a more general term that relates to business practices that may cheat, or scam, customers. In Ohio, like many other states, this is an illegal practice and includes:

  • Bait & Switching
  • False Adverting
  • Deceptive Pricing
  • Low Stock Pricing
  • Changing Odometers on Vehicles

If you are thinking of opening a new business, or are in need of legal assistance with your current business, contact our experienced attorneys today.

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