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  • Friendly Reminder: Law Enforcement Will Be Out In Full Force for the SuperBowl

    A friendly reminder: law enforcement will be out in full force tonight looking for drunk drivers during and after the Super Bowl . As such, before you head out to cheer on the Patriots or Eagles , remember to have a plan of attack for how you will get home. As always, if you or a loved one has an issue tonight, please do not hesitate to contact our firm at 330-653-8511.
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  • Immigration, Credit Cards and Criminal Law

    In a recent case in Medina County , following a long, drawn out battle, VanHo Law was able to obtain the dismissal of a case involving a business dispute that turned into a criminal case. In the case, a small business owner was charged with passing bad checks after a check was dishonored by the bank. The full story included that the services that the check paid for were performed horrifically -- ...
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  • Judicial Release for the Holidays

    The last couple of days, I have been getting a lot of telephone calls asking about applying for judicial release in time for the holidays. Unfortunately, I have had to tell a lot of people "it's too late for this year -- but we can start working to make sure they're home for the summer" The fact is that it takes several months of preparation to put together a successful judicial release motion. ...
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  • Increased Enforcement on the Ohio Turnpike

    Those of us who regularly travel the Ohio Turnpike have noticed increased enforcement along I-80 in Summit County. The Ohio State Highway Patrol has been increasing traffic enforcement along Interstate 80 in Summit County. This has included increased patrols and assistance from airplanes in apprehending speeders and reckless drivers. However, as recent busts by the Patrol have shown , Troopers are ...
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  • Thanksgiving Week Brings Stepped-Up DUI/OVI Enforcement

    THANKSGIVING WEEK IS HERE! Along with all of the turkey, stuffing, cranberries, friends and family, Thanksgiving week brings a lot of alcohol. Wine, beer and various spirits will be consumed this week, with the highest amounts of drinking coming on Thursday -- but also a high level of drinking comes on Wednesday and Friday, when people are out meeting friends and family. If you do drink this week, ...
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  • We've Grown and Moved (Again) ... about 50 feet.

    For those of you who remember, we had to move in December when a fire chased us out of our office in downtown Akron. As a result, we moved to historic downtown Hudson . Why Hudson? It was convenient to both our clients in Cleveland ( Cuyahoga ) and Akron ( Summit ) counties. Hudson also is linked to several freeways which make it able for us to easily serve clients in other counties in northeast ...
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  • BIG Changes Coming Soon!

    As you will notice in the upcoming weeks, Attorney Adam VanHo has formed his own law office. In the upcoming weeks, this website will be transformed (by our wonderful friends at Scorpion ) to VanHoLaw.com. We will continue to offer insight and analysis into the law, as well as provide you with information about the new VanHo Law! If you're looking for Attorney VanHo, his new office is in historic ...
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  • 3 Reasons a Breathalyzer Test Could Be Wrong

    If you’re facing OVI charges, the most powerful piece of evidence against you is usually the results of a blood alcohol content test. While these tests are regarded as fairly accurate, there are many reasons why they may produce inaccurate or unreliable results. Breathalyzer tests, in particular, can be influenced by a variety of outside factors including health conditions, and the way the test ...
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  • The Side Effects Of A Felony And How To Potentially Avoid A Felony Conviction

    I often have people come to me after their first arrest and ask "how can I keep this felony off my record?" In addition to potential prison sentences, probation, court costs and fees, a conviction for a felony can also have other consequences on your life: A felony conviction can cost you your current job, or prevent you from gaining employment in future in certain fields. Additionally, even if ...
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  • Happy St. Patrick's Day!

    Happy St. Patrick's Day! Today is St. Patrick's Day -- the day in which many Americans of Irish-American heritage celebrate their Irishness (and the day many non-Irish-Americans celebrate pretending to be Irish). For many native Clevelanders, today will involve a trip to Slyman's for corned beaf, attending Cleveland's world famous St. Patrick's Day Parade , a pint (or three) of Guinness, dressing ...
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  • What You Need to Know About the Summit County Court of Common Pleas

    The Summit County Court of Common Pleas is the court with general jurisdiction over matters that occur in Summit County, Ohio. The Common Pleas Court is located at 209 South High Street, Akron, Ohio 44308. For directions to the Court, please click here . The Summit County Common Pleas Court is staffed by ten judges, who are elected to six year terms. Judicial elections for Common Pleas judges ...
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  • What You Need to Know About the Barberton Municipal Court

    The Barberton Municipal Court is located at 576 West Park Avenue, Barberton, Ohio 44203. For directions to the Court, please click here . The Court is served by two judges, Judge David Fish and Judge Jill Lanzinger, who are elected to six-year terms on odd-numbered years. The Court is also staffed by a number of magistrates and an elected Clerk of Courts. The Barberton Municipal Court covers six ...
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  • What You Need To Know About The Wayne County Municipal Court

    The Wayne County Municipal Court covers all of Wayne County, Ohio. It has two locations: the main courthouse in Wooster and Orville. For directions to the Wooster courthouse, click here . For directions to the Orville courthouse, which is located inside Orville City Hall, click here . The Court is served by two judges, Judge Carol White Millhoan and Judge Timothy VanSickle , who are elected to ...
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  • Ohio Felony Penalties

    One of the first things people ask when they have been arrested for a felony is "what am I facing?" Usually, the answer is more complicated than just saying "X years." The actual sentence that a person faces depends on a number of factors, including the offense the individual is charged with; the nature of the offense; if a firearm was involved; if the offense carries mandatory or discretionary ...
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  • What You Need to Know About the Akron Municipal Court

    The Akron Municipal Court is located at 217 South High Street in downtown Akron. For directions to the Court, please click here . The Court is served by six judges, who are elected to six-year terms on odd-numbered years. Currently, there are five judges serving on the court, with one judgeship currently being vacant. Governor Kasich will be appointing a replacement for the open seat within the ...
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  • First Time DUI / OVI Penalties in Ohio

    I get frantic phone calls all of the time from people: "I just got arrested for drunk driving. What am I realistically facing?" In Ohio, the penalties for Operating a Vehicle Under the Influence, also known as OVI or DUI, are laid out in the Ohio Revised Code. A handy cheatsheet of potential penalties is laid out on the Garfeild Heights Municipal Court website, but the actual penalties depend on a ...
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  • Attorney Adam VanHo Featured on WEWS Discussing Controversial Breathalyzer Machine

    Attorney Adam VanHo was recently featured on Channel 5 (WEWS) discussing problems with the Intoxilyzer 8000, which is a machine comonly used by local, county and state police when detecting and prosecuting drunk drivers. As pointed out by Attorney VanHo, the machine is controversal and its results have been thrown out in courtrooms throughout Ohio.
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  • OVI / DUI Over The Fourth? Here's What To Do (And Not To Do)

    Many people don't know it, but the Fourth of July is the biggest weekend for beer sales during the year. Americans are estimated to purchase 68.3 million cases of beer for the holiday . The Fourth of July is also one of the prime times to get a OVI / DUI. Police are out in full force, and already this holiday weekend, people have spent time in jail cells with bad hangovers and court dates. So what ...
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